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Martial Peak Chapter 2634 Spoilers


Read Martial Peak Chapter 2634 Spoilers

enjoy reading Martial Peak Chapter 2634 Spoilers english sub .

Martial Peak Chapter 2634 Spoilers

The Spoilers :



-          Madam Lan said “It seems you’re determined to kill me here.”

“If this crazy woman doesn’t die, how can we live in peace?” An old man standing to Qi Jin’s left shouted. This old man’s hair and beard were all white, but his complexion was ruddy and his body exuded a fierce aura, as if he was about to slaughter his way out of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. He coldly snorted, “A Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator like you can cause rivers of blood and corpses to flow across the three thousand worlds. If you were to break through to the Seventh Order one day, how could we possibly survive in this vast universe?”

-           The Proprietress coldly glancing towards the last person. This person was a beautiful woman who appeared to be in her thirties or forties. Her figure was graceful, her waist graceful, and her pair of peach blossom eyes were especially enchanting. Her name is Yue He.

-          The woman named Yue He slowly shook her head and said, “Elder Sister Lan, although I am grateful for your guidance back then, if it weren’t for your obstinacy, He… wouldn’t have died.

-          Ling Chunqiu’s murderous intent surged, his face is filled with murderous intent, as if he wanted nothing more than to chop the Proprietress into pieces right now. However, he was only a Fifth Order, so when facing such a fierce and powerful existence like the Proprietress, he still felt somewhat uneasy

-          “You want me to surrender? Dream on!” The Proprietress shouted.

“Since that’s the case…” Qi Jin took a deep breath and suddenly declared, “Then let’s fight!”

-          In an instant, the World’s Spiritual Energy around the Proprietress became chaotic and the void trembled.

-  the Proprietress protected yang kai by sending a gentle force that wrapped around him and pushed him several dozen kilometers away.


-          One against three, madam Lan was at an absolute disadvantage. it was a life or death crisis

-          yang Kai could clearly see a trace of blood leaking from the corner of the Proprietress’s mouth.

-          If she didn’t protect him, the Proprietress shouldn’t have been injured. Although the attacks of these three people were terrifying, the

Proprietress could have easily avoided them.

-  Old man Yu followed yang kai but yang kai managed to escape.

- After escaping from Old Man Yu’s hands, he rushed towards the battlefield.

- yang kai wanted to help the Proprietress but she was even more distracted by his actions, causing the situation to become even worse.

-          To protect the array and old Bai the Proprietress was somewhat restrained and was unable to use her full strength. Old Bai! Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. If Old Bai could successfully breakthrough at this time.

-          A powerful aura locked onto him from behind, and Yang Kai didn’t need to look back to know that Old Yu was walking towards him.