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Martial Peak Chapter 2633 Spoilers


Read Martial Peak Chapter 2633 Spoilers

enjoy reading Martial Peak Chapter 2633 Spoilers english sub .

Martial Peak Chapter 2633 Spoilers

The Spoilers :


-          four people had rushed into this small Locking Yang Land. There were men and women, old and strong. Among them, Old Yu’s aura was the weakest, only a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. The other three were all stronger than him, and Yang Kai even felt a profound aura from one of them that was not inferior to the Proprietress. This guy was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage!

-          Some of them had solemn looks on their faces, some had eyes filled with hatred, and some even had murderous intent.

-          “So that’s how it is!” The Proprietress nodded lightly, her eyes sweeping over the group, “So this is a trap!”

-          As a member of the First Inn, it shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone who wanted to inquire about information. As long as someone released the information about the Fifth Grade Yang Ghost appearance, the Proprietress would definitely bring Old Bai over to see what was happening, and as long as she came, she would fall into this trap.

-          the few people who had come here, with the exception of Old Yu, all had powerful auras. Two of them were Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators while the other was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. How could the Proprietress be a match for them? This scene was a sure-kill situation!

-          this Locking Yang Land isn’t actually an ownerless place, but rather your Gold Rainbow Province’s?” This was the Gold Rainbow Territory after all, so the Proprietress naturally had her own guess.

-          Qi Jin said, “This place was explored by my Gold Rainbow Province three thousand years ago. Normally, the Spirit Array is concealed, so if it wasn’t to lure Madam into a trap, how could it have been discovered?