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Martial Peak Chapter 2630 Spoilers


Read Martial Peak Chapter 2630 Spoilers

enjoy reading Martial Peak Chapter 2630 Spoilers english sub .

THe Spoilers :

-          Yang Kai doesn’t want to do anything else now, just want to sleep well.

-          The next day, Yang Kai walked out early and worked on the first stack with Lao Bai and others. The land of the inn is mixed with dragons and fish, and it is the place where all kinds of news flow.

-          Yang Kai is more concerned about the Fengyun Auction House, and after asking about it, he learned that the Fengyun Auction House hasn’t had much activity recently.

-          While the accountant was saying “madam lan has Knife Mouth but has a Tofu Heart,and actually is a good person, don’t look at her majestic attitude  in front of outsiders” he suddenly stopped speaking, opening his mouth wide and staring behind Yang Kai in a daze. With a sound of a plate fell to the ground and smashed to pieces. Yang Kai turned his head and saw that Lao Bai was also standing on the spot not far from his left hand

-          The other busy guys in the store are more like someone who has cast a body spell. They are all frozen in place, many customers are even more straight, and everyone in the lobby is focused on one direction.

-          the lady proprietress did not know when to show up, with a blue silk tucked in a woman’s hair bun, her head was jeweled and precious, a silver gilt phoenix was inserted diagonally on her head, and she trembled as she stepped.

-          The proprietress went over to greet the guests at a table, and made silver bell-like giggles from time to time, and even personally poured wine for a table of guests

-          The lady boss glanced at Yang Kai again, showing a smile: “come over later, I have something to tell you.”