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The Return of the Greatest Pharaoh chapter 2

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In ancient times, in order to become a Celestial God, you must combine three elements, which are:

Cultivation Realm, become an 8th-Circled Mage and reach the heaven or immortal Grade Body level.

Each level has its sub levels which are:

A) for the Cultivation Realm:

1- soul Wandering Realm

2-Nascent Soul Realm

3-Ensoulment Realm

4-Nihility Realm

5-Ascension Realm

6-Half Immortal Realm

7-Profound Immortal Realm

8-Golden Immortal Realm

9-Immortal Venerable Realm

10-Immortal King Realm

11-Immortal Emperor Realm

12-God Realm

13-Celestial Realm 

B) For an 8th-Circled Mage you need to form 8 Circles .

c) For Body Refining Levels:

1-Body Tempering 

2- Earth


4-Immortal  Body 

Chapter 2

This is good, I managed to Breakthrough to Body Tempering level, the first magic circle and to the soul Wandering Realm lucky me i still remember the best books to advance so quickly in my cultivation, but why do I feel that there is something familiar that sends life energy from my pocket,karim extended and put his hand in his pocket and found a necklace that belonged to him in the past which carried a fragment of his soul, the owner of the original body was working as a smuggler for relics And he got this necklace from an auction,in this necklace I had put magic so that Isis can use it to revive her husband Osiris after his brother betrayed and killed him then cut his body into 40 parts and scattered them throughout Egypt, but she collected all the parts and succeeded in Reviving her husband with the help of the necklace that she obtained from me after begging me for 2 years she was so annoying, this necklace contains the energy of life, but it seems that the necklace still carries the magic of revival that she used to Revive her husband, so when it was stained with the blood of the owner of this body, my soul was connected to this body after it had been wandering in the void for 10 thousand years, after it failed to Breakthrough to the Celestial Realm but this time I definitely won't fail, thinking about it why is there a memory for a statue for sphinx and three pyramids I'm going to check it out because it remind me with an old friend, the distance is too far and unfortunately my level is not enough to use teleportation but at least I It is easy to fly until I get there, then Karim jumps from the window of the room and flies very quickly in the direction of Giza, which is one of the cities of Egypt, and in this city there are the 3 Great pyramids and the Sphinx, and as soon as he reached there he felt the energy of heaven and earth is gathering toward the pyramids so approached one of the pyramids to touch it and sent his divine sense which is an ability to check the status of anything with details to explore it,at this moment A huge eye radiating evil with ferocious anger appeared with a voice saying, “Who dares to disturb the sleep of the kings, go back or die here”, Karim realized the owner of this voice and said, “I haven’t seen you for thousands of years, Barhol,are you trying to kill your master, Barhol?” The features of the eyes changed and became like the eyes of a person who is Confused and trembling in fear, who are you? How do you know my secret spiritual name, even the greatest of the ancient kings were not aware of this name, is it possible that it is you? Karim says, “Yes, Barhol, I am King Ra.” Barhol responds, “If you are really King Ra, prove it.” Then a creature with wings, a human body and a falcon head comes out and stood in front of Karim. Then he said, “If you are really King Ra then release my star form.” Karim smiled broadly and extended his hand towards the head of Sphinx. who is three meters long while Karim is a meter and a half long then said in special sound technique, “Kneel to the king.” So Sphinx quickly knelt, and his head became at the level of Karim’s hand at this moment the body of sphinx started to glow which is an evidence that his form is about to change. 


Voices resounded all over Egypt with a blue lights in the sky saying “Kneel to the God of the sun, the king of all kings, King Ra.” These voices and these lights belonged to the souls of the warriors who was kneeling to their king after 10 thousand years of waiting and protecting the secrets that are hidden inside the pyramids,on the other hand sphinx got out from the flash of transformation and his body changed into the form of a small body of a divine blue lion and after that sphinx jumped into the arms of Ra crying and saying my King I miss you so Much.

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