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Martial Peak chapter 1780


 Read Martial Peak manga chapter 1780 english sub

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Martial Peak manga 1780 english sub

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1780 Fights for Spirit Medicine 

 Yang Kai in the Void crack is searching for Space Spirit Crystal, while is calculating passing of time secretly. Thought that time was similar, he stops. Less than time of half double-hour, he pours also some harvests, but are not many, only found five breeding born Space Spirit Crystal in Void crack. He at this moment, stays in the Void crack somewhere, is looking at the front, in the surface looking pensive. In the Void crack acts, he detected, in this crack, Space Force of many places fluctuated is very unstable, was unconstrained the strange strength to fluctuate. If he has not guessed that wrong, these unstable place, Lost Earth that countless Space Crack connects Void location/position. In other words, goes out from these unstable place, is equivalent from Space Crack goes out. In order to confirm the idea of own, Yang Kai takes a step to forward directly. the next moment, he then left the Void crack, returns to Lost Earth again. Looking into the distance, all around does not have existence of Seven Bright Treasure Light, but own rear area, then there is naked eye obvious Space Crack together, spans in the sky. own clearly walked a moment ago from this crack. Looks at back that to say Space Crack, the Yang Kai secret nod, the guess of own has not made a mistake evidently, in the space of that Void crack, all unstable location/position, is connected with the crack that Lost Earth has. …… Does not know that this place is also the medicine valley. Yang Kai sizes up all around environment carefully, after the moment, after seeing clearly all around scenery, look one happy, talked to oneself: “Luck is good. The range of here obviously medicine valley, because in the air also has all kinds of Medicinal Fragrance air/Qi . Moreover, in his side not far away, there is a low fruit tree. Above is hanging three faint yellow fruits. Here unexpectedly had not searched for location/position! Thinks that is not strange, the area of medicine valley is enormous, enters here person is not many, in addition disturbance of Seven Bright Treasure Light. Let time that everyone searches greatly reduce, therefore in medicine valley at this moment, surely a lot of talent treasures. Yang Kai footsteps one wrong, before arriving at that low fruit tree, the squatting down body sized up the moment carefully, the brow raises, grins to smile. He has recognized this is what Spirit Fruit. Unexpectedly is Longevity Fruit in hearsay! This thing has no use to practice, to actually to prolong the life . Moreover the effect is extremely good. Although martial artist, as the rise of strength, the life span is also getting more and more long. If the Void King Stage powerhouse does not have/leave accidental/surprised, living 3,000-4,000 years is even longer is a cinch, but a life span of person always has the limit, should to the end time, flesh body will also wither. The strength of vitality clears, when the time comes must enter the samsara. Generally to this time.

these powerhouses will start to search the growth life span Spirit Pill wonderful medicine.

 expecting own can live is longer, makes the breakthrough again, when the time comes the life span are more. But general Spirit Pill wonderful medicine does not have the use to these powerhouses, only then Void King Grade Spirit Pill can have the function to them. But in Star Territory. How many can increase the life span Void King Grade Spirit Pill some? How many people also there are able to refine? Can increase the Void King Stage powerhouse life span Spirit Pill wonderful medicine, simply is extremely rare existence. But present Longevity Fruit, can refine Longevity Pill, Spirit Pill, can increase a at least 100 years of life span! Although a person can only take three then not to have the effect at most, moreover role that can play also getting smaller. But if takes complete three, increases 200 years of life span is not a problem. 200 years of time, enough these Void King Stage powerhouses have done many things. If by some chance in these 200 years, they make the breakthrough again, the life span will considerably increase. It can be said. If Longevity Pill this type of thing refines, sold to the right person, that absolutely is the sky-high price! The life only then, who dares not to treasure? Even if these lives are far from end Void King Stage, who does not want to prepare one, to prepare emergency requirement? This is can regard the family heirloom to be the same, Spirit Pill that is the continuation. In Yang Kai heart is thinking about Longevity Fruit and Longevity Pill all sorts of information, while collects delightedly cautiously three fruits and ensure the own collection technique will not create passing in any drug efficacy to them, this seals them with wooden box carefully, throws into Space Ring. After having the harvest, the Yang Kai mood is excellent, to continue to explore in all around. Nearby this no one has truly come, in following time, Yang Kai has captured continuously, gained full. When half double-hour crosses, time that Seven Bright Treasure Light raids again, he then nearby looked for Space Crack to escape into, is searching for Space Spirit Crystal in Void. Estimating time was similar, returns to the medicine valley from Void again. So repeatedly repeatedly…… His time really does not have the least bit to waste, not only can harvest Spirit Medicine in the medicine valley, but can also collect Space Spirit Crystal in the Void crack, two, his harvest is bigger than anybody alternately. Really is own is convenient with the person convenience! Yang Kai sighs with emotion one secretly, if not for at that time had scruples the Luo Lan reputation, he will not choose to enter the Space Crack avoidance. 

 The words of such choice.

 he will not discover that such highly efficiency uses the time method. An action, making his payout obtain the huge return. time passes, Yang Kai does not know how long own treated in the medicine valley, he communicated to turn back between the Void cracks and medicine valleys, collected more than 200 Space Spirit Crystal again, Spirit Grass wonderful medicine also reached about hundred. The this kind of harvest, may be called terrifying. Must know Space Spirit Crystal, is these medicinal herbs values, is huge. Moreover Yang Kai can also affirm, the harvests of others absolutely do not have own to be many. However since separates after Luo Lan, he had not then bumped into others, this point makes him very strange actually. Some moment, Yang Kai following strange line of Medicinal Fragrance near toward the own left hand, suddenly, his look moves, the brow wrinkles tightly. 

 His Spiritual Mind detected that neighbor has existences of others, moreover incessantly one, unexpectedly is three people. And two people are the same places, in this two people, one person is Void King 2-layer, one person is Void Return 3-layer! The third person is independent one. Yang Kai presents the potential of triangle with these three people at this moment, is approaching in a same direction, obviously is everyone by the reason that Medicinal Fragrance attracts. The person who because enters the medicine valley are not many, therefore Yang Kai immediately judged that who the opposite party three people were. A that two people together side. Very good to confirm, because in Void Return 3-layer martial artist, besides own, only has Zi Dong to come and Xue Yue is this kind of cultivation level. But aura of opposite party is not Xue Yue aura, that naturally was Zi Dong comes. Brings Zi Dong to come, without doubt is Violet Star master Zi Long(Purple Dragon)! The father and son are always together in the medicine valley surely. That independent Void King Stage powerhouse, Yang Kai can also infer his status– Xu Wei from his aura! Before that uses Imaginary Void Butterfly Yin own Abandoned Hideout Elder. Yang Kai can discover them through Spiritual Mind nosing of own, they are certainly impossible unable to discover that Yang Kai’s existed. Therefore in the flash of each other nosing, the speed that Zi Long(Purple Dragon) and Zi Dong come then rises dramatically, wants to snatch without doubt before Yang Kai and Xu Wei, rushes sends out location/position of Medicinal Fragrance source, fights for that unknown talent treasure! Zi Long(Purple Dragon) does that also stems from the self-confidence of own powerful strength. Void King 2-layer. In the entire medicine valley, only then Ghost Ancestor and Ni Guang enduring with enemy, others, but also had not been really placed in the eye by Zi Long(Purple Dragon), particularly Yang Kai this later generation. His aware finger can Yang Kai with being run over and dying. Another side, Xu Wei after hesitates met, unexpectedly also the acceleration toward the front flushes away. Facing the seduction of talent treasure, he does not prepare to retreat, even if the opposite party is Zi Long(Purple Dragon) is not good, let alone, as Abandoned Hideout Elder. He does not need to buy the Zi Long(Purple Dragon) account, everyone each other itself is a foe, did not fear that offends again one time. This two sides speeds increase, Yang Kai also moved. The tripartite troops, a total of four people, close up toward middle location/position at the extremely quick speed. “Snort. Acts recklessly!”The Zi Long(Purple Dragon) itself thinks that by the own strength, deters Yang Kai and Xu Wei sufficiently, making them turn around to run away, actually does not think the meaning that these two fellows have not dodged unexpectedly, instead must fight for Spirit Medicine with own. This makes him greatly be annoyed. Thought that own was despised, the face countenance is somewhat damaged. Even if Xu Wei, although the strength is inferior to own, but is still Void King Stage, own wants to take him, quite results in the fee/spent a hands and feet, in this place, Zi Long(Purple Dragon) does not want to waste time with Xu Wei. What thing but is that Void Return 3-layer boy? Is also hitting unexpectedly with the attention that own fights, his could it be that does not know how the dead characters do write? “Father, wants me to go him……”Zi Dong to come in the eye cold light to flash through, the sinking sound asked. He has also looked at Yang Kai to be uncomfortable. As Violet Star Young Master, can enter here, is completely because Zi Long(Purple Dragon) has the reason that he comes, Xue Yue can with the youth person of extraordinary ability who he places on a par, naturally also has the qualifications to visit this place. Which scallion but does Yang Kai calculate? Before Zi Dong comes, has never seen Yang Kai, simply has not listened to his name. This fellow unexpectedly was also the same as own and Xue Yue, arrived at this treasure land. He feels the scale of this place, because Yang Kai’s entered to be pushed down! Enters the same place with an unknown idiot, this is to the insult that his Zi Dong comes! Only then striking will kill, can scrub this humiliation. After detecting Yang Kai’s exists, Zi Dong comes somewhat to be then eager to try, wants to tell Yang Kai by own strength, own these talents and between him the vast gap, telling him is not the person can enter Lost Earth, dares, must pay the price! “Clumsy mischief-doer, why must pays attention to him!”Zi Long(Purple Dragon) cold snort, “he, if dares to appear before you, you begin again not lately.” “Yes!”Zi Dong comes hears word to nod, is saying with a smile coldly. 

“Feared that he does not have courage.”.  

This saying, Zi Dong gawked, because in his sensation, Yang Kai, not only does not have, because the front hidden bad risk flinches, instead the speed was getting more and more fast. “Interesting, in this world really has the fellow of acting recklessly!”Zi Dong comes to smile dark, the vision looks into the direction that Yang Kai is, as if appearance that looks forward to Yang Kai to present earlier. ----